Friday, September 5, 2014

a note about the envelope exchange

i don't like to post anything without an image, so i was surfing around while i had my noon coffee and i found this website. lots of it is in something that looks rather russian, but clearly a coffee drinker :-)
she said they are envelopes - i guess they do not have their addresses yet. not sure if i will have time to look at more of her blog...maybe someone else can do that and report back. is the note about the envelope exchange:

if you signed up for the envelope exchange and requested a very specific number of envelopes to exchange - please be agreeable to the possibility of a little variation in that number.

there are requests to do only two envelopes as well as 12 or 14 - and then various numbers in between.

the numbers do not work out to a perfectly even exchange of one-for-one between the exact number of people, so you might have one extra name or one or two fewer than requested.

if this is a big problem, please let Jan know right away.
Jan and I have had a couple conversations about how to run the exchange. we want to include as many people as possible, so we want to allow some variety in the quantity of envelopes exchanged.

in the future, i think we will word it this way:
number of envelopes to exchange:
fewer than 5
between 5 and 10
between 10 and 15
between 15 and 20

then, if we had more than 20 people sign up,
we could just split it into two groups.

this is probably more information than anyone wants....
but, we do want to keep everyone happy with the exchange.
if you have any suggestions, feel free to speak up.

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  1. Ignore any previous requests and just do what is best for the exchange