Monday, September 29, 2014

t.y. jan

big thank you to jan for organizing the envelope exchange. also thanks for making use of some of the items i am discarding. and then also returning the items i have discarded when i realize they would have been useful.

her address will go in between the lines. the purple was made with a galaxy marker. i don't know if you can buy them. they were not reliable and the two places i know that sold them have discontinued them. but i imagine you can find glitter gel markers out there in the land of markers and pens.

luv the earthscape stamps. someday, i might get another sheet of them. because they are so abstract, they are PERFECT in many situations.


  1. I would like to join you and thank Jan for volunteering to organize the envelope exchange. I'm still working on my envelopes. They should be in the mail soon. I'm sure she'll enjoy this one, Jean.

  2. Beautiful lettering, and that stamp is the perfect match. I know how you feel about the earthscape stamps - that was a very special set. I have only been able to bring myself to use one of them so far (sent to you!).