Friday, September 26, 2014

smash - asemic

from smash-girl.
a peak at the enclosure.
i believe smash has been doing some asemic writing which is the uptown word for scribbling.
you can look it up and get a better definition than that.those colors are so pretty on the dark envelope. i always loved that magnolia stamp.

i wish the p.o. would let us order whatever we wanted, in a new *forever* printing. you can order whatever you want on stamps these days. why don't they allow us to print whatever we want from the old designs?

another splendid idea that will be buried in my blog.
and smash might have suggested not opening the envelope and that paper might have been scrap paper, just for filler, but lots of us like scappy paper :-) 


  1. And sometimes that NTO (not to open) paper found on the studio floor can be cut to fit those little square things with the pages in them to mark a place but they are rarely published on a blog

  2. i liked showing this one next to the one from jeri yesterday. i like the inserts, coordinated with the envelope...something i seldom take time to do.