Monday, September 8, 2014

nib lesson - (finding all the lessons)

once again, i googled *nibs on envelopes* and found this. the link will take you to the website of Iwona Konarski who is happily making a living at design and she has branched into writing with nibs and ink. her work is the new uber-popular naive style that is uber-popular.

if i allowed myself to surf every day, i could probably find 365 young people who have bought nibs and ink and are now selling items on websites and etsy. so, you should feel empowered to do the same. some of them have written books and are teaching workshops. i'm pretty sure you don't need a workshop. a book might help - but - you might do fine with the free exemplars that i will direct you to on the IAMPETH website. more on books and exemplars later.

some calligraphers frown on this naive style. i really love both ends of the spectrum. i will be covering both ends of the spectrum and i will be putting a little label at the bottom of each post [nib lessons] so you may find all of the lessons by clicking on the label...which you will find over there on the right in the long list of labels.

or at the bottom of this post, you will see the words [nib lessons] and you may click on that to see all of them, in reverse order.

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  1. Thank you so much for the additional information on finding the other nib related articles.