Monday, September 15, 2014

winter flower jeri

after struggling with the winter flowers, discovered the orange envelope is an easy solution. and white ink is always pleasing.

it was a Recollection's Marker from Michael's. once in a while i have to shop at the local craft stores for emergency jobs.

i touched it up with a white uni-ball signo. 3 stems have prongs. originally, there were only two (mistakes or corrections), the third one made it look like an intentional design element.


  1. This looks amazing. Fresh and modern (you can say that in Nina's voice if you wish).

    I think pulling other colors off the winter flower stamps is a clever idea - I bet this would look good on a yellow envelope, too, although the writing might have to be in a dark color depending on the shade of yellow.

  2. Great color match, my new favorite! I am "really liking" orange these days, must be pumpkin season...