Wednesday, September 3, 2014

nib and ink - lesson 2

here is a link to a ton of information about penmanship.

this is a very old article on penmanship but it covers many basics that are still true. rather than paraphrase it, i suggest you read it and then we will move on to a more contemporary approach.

i am including this more traditional information because the contemporary approach is a simplified version of this...and while contemporary is very popular, i don't think the traditional approach is all that difficult. so, i want my students to be aware of both branches and there will be no judging. i have nothing against people who want to just go the easy route.

i know how to cook. i can make all kinds of wonderful things from scratch. but, if i lived alone, i would probably just buy Hot Pockets or go to Taco John's. when it comes to desserts, i would never buy anything. my desserts have to be my own. it's the same with penmanship. you decide which route you want to go. and you may jump back and forth. both routes are valid.

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