Sunday, September 7, 2014

YIKES - i forgot the nib holder

i forgot to recommend a nib holder in the post about nibs, ink and paper.
since i have such good luck surfing for images, i did it again and found this site where someone who is into drawing comics has lots of photos and conversation about nibs and nib holders. the holder is a bit of a problem to explain because there is a the whole issue of writing at a slant and using an oblique holder, which is the one at the bottom of the photo.

i will find some youtube videos and post them later. you need to see them in action to understand why they are helpful.

for the beginners, i am going to recommend this holder:

H63. Marbled Pen Holder
Beautiful penholders in gold & black, silver & black, and gold with multicolors.  on sale right now for $2.97

This is a good choice because not every nib fits in every holder. Also, it does not have the hour-glass shape. and that will allow you to vary your grip on the pen.  pen holder-nib holder...same thing. eventually, i will get into the whole oblique holder - but for now, a straight holder will be just fine.

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