Wednesday, April 30, 2014

new envelope fold from jan

 i sent jan a link to another way to fold a piece of paper into an envelope. we like the fold, but it has a lot of places to get stuck in the machines at the post office, so it needs double face tape or glue or just tape over the top. jan used packing tape.

i really like the choice of stamps. they are perfect with this paper. and i like the stars on the back. they are actually stickers that i could use on a piece of return mail to jan.

here is the link to directions for the fold.

and thank you to tim texas for the amazing postcards. i will add them to the list...which is about a month out on scheduling. my new policy is to just add mail at the end and rarely bump posts to put in something more recent. i am trying to streamline the amount of time i spend at the computer and just keep a ton of content lined up. my goal is to be at least a year ahead of myself. not sure why....maybe to balance out all the places i am woefully behind.


  1. That is an exceptional envelope - everything about it works, and the more I look at it, the more subtleties I can pick up.

    I love that postmark, as well - the way the four bars hit the center of the stamps is excellent. Is that a hand cancellation? I don't think I've seen one like that before, mostly I see the red circular ones.

    I think Tim Texas does some very clever things, so I am looking forward to his postcards as well.

    And here is something that I thought you might enjoy, Jean.

  2. I agree with FinnBadger, this one just works. Who is Tim Texas. Great name.

  3. Tim is a guy in Texas who has sent me some amazing mail. He knows how to make the barcodes at the bottom of the mail, so he sent one that was addressed simply *JEAN* and the bar code and it was delivered to me. the new ones are pretty spectacular.