Thursday, April 24, 2014

best of 2014 nomination

i suppose i look a little self centered nominating this one....but it wouldn't matter who it was addressed to, it could have been one that smash addressed to herself. what i love is the way the stamp is a necklace. it's a very logical way to use the stamp...but, i didn't think of it, so it's in the running for best envelope of the year.

and the p.o. gets an honorable mention for not adding anything unsightly.


  1. when did you go blonde?

  2. part of the make-over package that came with my facelift that i had done at the muffler clinic (that's across the street from the mayo clinic....) had my tires rotated, too. love those guys.

  3. pep boys no doubt
    or was it earl scheib
    wax and lube?

  4. Stella and I have a new game Whenever she comes for a visit her assignment is to go to the studio and mix the color I hand her. It must be exact and sne can use whatever she wants. The purple of this stamp was the assignment and she located it on the envelope we'll share this title

  5. clearly smash is a more serious artist than some of the rest of us. i keep forgetting to take color matching classes and katy is color blind, which is why were are such kindred spirits.

    just addressed my favorite envelope of the year
    the guest's name is
    George Georgeorge
    my favorite street name is
    Ruffled Feathers Lane - in Lemont IL

    it is coffee time, and i don't think the morning cup has worn off.
    living on the edge....

  6. once wrote envelope [assignment] for glen epstein…address i used was 888 dead horse creek nebraska
    yours in black and white