Tuesday, April 15, 2014

jan - capsule font

i made a video showing how to make these letters. then, when i tried to upload it, the computer went berserk and it took me 4 re-boots and a full-blown exorcism to get the computer back in order so now i am afraid to try again. i need to find someone who will let me upload and post videos on their computer.

i call it capsule font because the shapes remind me of pill capsules. i remember when contac allergy medicine was invented and i thought they were beautiful. i loved the little polka dots in the clear end. i just enjoyed a surf through google images of old vintage contac images. i missed jan's cold. i would have turned this into an adorable get well soon card/envelope. but she's all better now. next year, she should alert me as soon as she comes down with a cold.

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