Sunday, April 6, 2014

jeri's orange butterflies

of course, this will look better when her address is filled in. how lucky that 4 of these stamps adds up to enough to send it.

the white is just gel pen. someday i hope to do a video on how to fit any wording into any space. there are a few tricks. stacking is the most obvious one. maybe i should make a list before i do the video.

jeri sent me this image of how it looked after it arrived


  1. It is sad that the post office had to make a mark over the stamps.

  2. what a shame - the composition and contrast of envelope, stamps and writing is so lovely, that I can't believe the pen-wielding PO worker didn't appreciate it enough to cancel it in a nicer way.

  3. i might start putting all my favorites in clear envelopes. i had a bad feeling when i mailed this one that it was going to get trashed. maybe i made it happen by thinking the worst. i need to be more positive with my thoughts.

  4. At least you can mail envelopes this pretty in the U.S. This would never be accepted by Canada Post. :(

  5. I'm curious about your comment, Ann-Margaret. I live in Canada and send all sorts of weird layouts and envelopes. As far as I know, it's all getting through. I wonder if it depends on where the mail originates?

    1. Hmm... That's interesting! I live in Quebec. It wouldn't surprise me if the post office was stricter here. I once sent an envelope to California where the address was written inside the capital D of my friend's first name (inspired by something Jean had done) and it got returned to me. If you look on the Canada Post website, they give pretty strict guidelines about address placement, etc. But maybe I just got unlucky that day? I'd love to try again! Thanks for letting me know. :)