Sunday, April 20, 2014

my birthday mail

thank you to everyone who sent mail for my birthday. i was out of town again, and was so happy to have a huge stack when i finally got home. who knew your flight could be cancelled because there was so much sunshine and the pilot forgot his sunglasses and did not want to get crowsfeet from squinting.

these will be appearing individually in the future. i just wanted everyone who sent birthday greetings that i was very happy to hear from you.

if you missed my birthday, it will roll around again next year. and if anyone wants a birthday card from me, just tell me the week before you want me to send it. i have been thinking of doing one birthday idea a week, just to remind people to be sure to send birthday greetings. everyone enjoys getting mail on their birthday.


  1. Happy belated birthday, Jean-san.

  2. I would love to receive a birthday envelope from you! Another follower told me about your blog and I have been following your mail art for several months. I don't consider myself artistic at all--just try to "steal" some of the more simpler art I see. I am a quilter and have sewn for over 50 years and love fabric--have quite a selection. I also like to make fabric postcards and will send you a fabric card in return. My birthday is July 12. I will send you my address by message. Thanks! I did not know you had a recent birthday. Must have missed that. I'll go back and look.

  3. Happy belated birthday! When was it?