Wednesday, April 2, 2014

christy's thank you

this is a thank you envelope to christy. she found my blog and sent a nice envelope and valentine. she used real ink, so i owe her one using real ink. this one has been done during my frantic cleaning binge.

zig markers - and i was hoping i had one of those flower stamps left. if i do, i will find it after i drop this one in the mail.

there are some faint pencil lines showing that i will tuck the address in on some wavy lines over on the right.


  1. This is stunning! I love those colours together... There's something very vintage-y about it. I think the stamps you've got on the card look much nicer with the lettering than the other flower stamp. The flower style may be different but the colours fit perfectly.

  2. thanks for taking time to comment. i was pleased with the way it turned out.