Tuesday, April 1, 2014

krafty maria


  1. i forgot to write a blurb with this one. i have scheduled a kraft envelope to pop up on the first of every month. now i have to go look at all of them to see if i wrote anything on any of them. i used sharpies, g-tecs and uniball white gel pens.

  2. This is great - so effective and original. You've made it look easy - I feel like even i could attempt this.

  3. you will win a very exciting prize if you do attempt it.
    and...if you attempt it and feel like it is a failure
    you get a bigger prize for sending it to me so that i can show you how it could be fixed. one of my favorite parts in any class...is the *jean-can-fix-anything-challenge.* i tell students they must let me try to fix anything they think is hopeless...and i think i am pretty good at finding clever solutions. a couple times, the class even burst into spontaneous applause. i posted one of the clap-worthy examples a while back. i will try to find it and repost it.

    1. I'd love to see it, as I don't recall having found it when 'leafing' through the blog.

  4. I love this
    Doing one tonight for a friend
    Thank you