Monday, April 28, 2014

carol's houses

 back in march, i had a cold and spent an entire day just puttering on the computer. i remembered to check carol's blog and saw a delightful mini quilt that she made. i thought the design would be fun to do with chisel tip markers. the square parts were fun, but the triangles were hard. i can't decide if the black outlines help or detract. this is just a rough layout.maybe i'll come up with a better way to do the triangles.

you can see her quilt on her blog

thanks carol for the fun idea :-)


  1. Jean, I think you need a couple of birds in the sky. lol Afterwards, I thought I should have put them on the quilt too.

  2. *put a bird on it* --one of my favorite Portlandia episodes. :-)

  3. thanks, ann-margret, i think i like that version, too :-)