Friday, April 18, 2014

jan's file folders

 these are actual file folders. the top one in each photo is the practice one. the bottom one is the second one she did. the bottom photo shows the side that will have the address. she decided that she did not like that blue around the address *label* although i think it will be just fine after she layers over it with a bunch of white gel pen.

she used all the postoid rubber stamps in her collection as well as a variety of stickers. the only thing i would add, it they were mine would be googlie eyes.

i guess on the one with the blue and hot pink, i would add an intense yellow blob in the upper right corner. jan already knows that i like thing in groups of three. i know the stamp will go in the upper right corner...but, i think a blob of bright yellow would be just fine in the back ground.

i want to steal this idea. i do not have rubber stamps any more....but i still have stickers.


  1. I didn't realize it was THE Jan taking part in this swap. I entered one myself - I hadn't even thought about entering, then one day just went a bit crazy with stamp selvage and some of my faux postage. There'll be a blog entry soon, as I have received my swap item in the mail.