Friday, August 30, 2013

this just in

this came with a note saying *greetings from texas.* i think it is from the person who sent me the postcards with just a barcode and jean and a barcode and 420.

you may see them at the link below.

i would be happy to send a return envelope, but i will need an address. you may send it to me at jmwilson411 at yahoodotcom.

the envelope is made out of a sheet of uncut dollar bills. i'm not sure where a person gets an uncut sheet of money. i could do a search, but, i am staying focused on finishing that job that was due in february. i am running out of excuses. (i only own two books. how to steal like an artist and the book of lame excuses....both classics.) ok, that is an exaggeration. i have a few more books than 2, but not many. i guess i should go count them, eh?


  1. No, you should go work on finishing your job for someone who is obviously a very patient person.

  2. patient and also realizes that there isn't anyone else in town who does this type of work. it is inscribing names of donors in a handmade book. most of us dread writing in books that are already bound. and this will be several pages. i am going to force myself to do it on labor day.