Sunday, August 25, 2013

smash walnuty wash

i could guess all day on how this was done and what the medium is. smashgirl likes wet medium. i hardly ever get into broad wet stuff. now that i only work at home (and not in a studio) i suspect my wet days are over. i suppose i should just sell all the wet stuff. or send it to smash girl. or use it up in my classes.....
very pretty :-)
thanks for sharing.


  1. This envelope was done 6 months ago and my memory in this area is a little fogged. Love the way the fake address fits in perfectly even the taupe tab seems right. My guess is wet on wet gouache with some tipping to get it to run in different directions. I could never repeat it. The liberty bell seems perfect

  2. it is comforting to know that i am no the only one who has trouble remembering think i scanned the envelopes from stella, but i think i forgot to post them...

    and yes, the liberty bell is a very pretty color. it goes very well with walnut ink and all its cousins.

    thanks for posting.

  3. I think it's awesome, Susan! I never would have thought of it, let alone attempted doing something like that. You are a true artist! (And both of you.......I probably forget more than both of you, so shut up!! lol)

  4. Great treatment of the envelope. Without the writing, and framed, this would be sellable art.