Monday, August 19, 2013

happy birthday mum

i want to make this into an envelope. that's my mom, third one in the middle row. i can't understand why they didn't have their own reality show. they look just as adorable as any of the kids on little house on the prairie or the waltons.

so, the only iMac that i have to work on is my mom's. it is almost 5 years old and is getting temperamental. i really should buy her a new one for her 86th birthday. she is the most computer savvy

octogenarian i know. not that i know that many octogenarians. i am breaking my strict rule about putting personal stuff on my blog just to see if she ever reads it.

also, i love the idea of making envelopes out of old photos.
imagine a stamp in the upper right corner
and a darling little label with a border way down in the lower left.
or covering up the kid in the upper right with a stamp that has a portrait on it.

i just had to add this one because it is so darn cute
 to think she went from plucking chickens and churning butter to an iMac and streaming movies on her blueray...and listening to music on her jambox.

happy birthday mum :-)

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  1. My mother used to have a haircut just like that child on the right when she was a child. Come to think of it, Mom would have been in her 90's, had she lived longer. Old photos are so fun!