Friday, August 30, 2013

cathy - stamp-o

this came from miss cathy (from mississippi)

my first attempt at a response to her was a disaster. i am only including it to show that i am working on some ideas for her.

i think i need to just go with the whole missississississississississippi theme


  1. Makes my common, vanilla name so mysterious. I love it!

  2. Great use of the 'building america' stamp. Brilliant work, and those stamps look so cool.

  3. i have a top secret project in the works with the building america stamps. i can hardly wait to mail them....

    if you like them cathy...i'll finish them up and send them along...they're not my favorites.

  4. Yes, please send to Mississississississippi.

  5. ok, miss cathy, i will send them. i think you will see that they look better on the screen. but, i might think of something to save them before they hit the road.