Thursday, August 29, 2013

smash tangle pinwheel

i do not recall why i used orange to blur the address. i think red would have been better. so ingnore the orange. the idea of the address within a shape and then a pinwheel of designs is uber-stealworthy.

this would take some time. a good project if you are going to be sitting and waiting for an appointment or waiting at the cell phone store, to be told once again that all you need to do when your cell phone isn't working is take the battery out.  

but it was a nice outing after breaking my record for number of envelopes done in two days. i wish i could tell you the back story. but, alas, i am like doctors and lawyers. i must respect the clients.

but i can talk about jan and the new art supplies she brought over today for me to test drive. super fun stuff coming up. [but not til i buy a new scanner. the old one is officially dead.] sorry, i am going to have to monetize the blog. that will mean ads. sorry.

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