Tuesday, August 20, 2013

carol's cake

it's been a while since i checked carol's blog....and it sounds like she is obsessed with envelopes. you'll have to visit her blog to see all of them. this is my favorite one - the way she has the cake on a plate.

if you delve into the blog you will learn more about her process. and she mentions that her copics are drying up. i think copics are refillable. plus you can mix whatever color you like.

here is the link to her blog:


i'm guessing the pencil lines are where the address will go.


  1. Yup, I'm hooked on envelope art right now! I know that the Copics are refillable, but to store all the refills is a problem and then to remember which refills I have and which ones I don't which might put me over the edge. I'm thinking of just replacing those I use rarely instead of buying the more expensive refills. I am having such fun though!!

  2. do you want me to come take a bunch of your fabric so you have space for more art supplies...i have your address...hahaha

  3. Carol I love your envelopes. You incorporate the stamps into the design in such a clever way. I agree about just buying new markers instead of going the refill route..Would love to exchange envelopes, but didn't see a street address on the site

  4. You know, Jean, I seriously am thinking of dumping some of this fabric (or at least storing it for awhile). I'll never use it all, no matter how long I live!!! Thing is......this envelope passion might only last so long and sewing has been a passion my whole life.

    Smash, e-mail me. My e-mail address is on the sidebar of my blog and we can exchange addresses.