Wednesday, August 21, 2013

ellen - series of 15

i like this one enough to redo it with pencil lines so that it is a little more precise. and the bottom one isn't very inspired, but, i like it. the idea of little groups of three dots probably hasn't shown up for a while. i recall that it was one of the very first motifs that i saw and used - way back when -

note the way ellen has loops on the top and powers has only a loop or tail on the bottom.
it would be less convenient to have ascenders and descenders overlapping. not a bad thing, you would just have to figure out how to make the overlapping look good.


  1. The envelopes are nice, but it's the top stamp that I LOVE!!!

  2. yup...that was a great series :-)
    have you gotten into hoarding stamps yet?

  3. I try, but then I think of something to use them on and then I'm re-ordering again......who knows what will happen? Remember, I just started this craziness!

  4. at least the new stamps are *forever*
    that helps a lot plus it makes them into a bit of an *investment*