Saturday, August 31, 2013

ellen - series of 15

last day of august, last day of this series. nothing new or interesting about this one. i am writing this post on the 4th of july. so, i have my record of one-a-day intact. i am sure i will have something else to pop in as a bonus. or maybe not.... anyone feeling the need to complain may do so in the comment box. i'm sure a bunch of complaining will inspire me to come up with some better ideas than flowers....

BTW, while you are complaining about flowers, would you please tell me something. when you post a comment on my blog, do you get one of those distorted images that asks you to type in the letters and numbers you see to prove that you are not a machine? the blog-master always knows it is me when i am posting answers and i get to say whatever i like. but when i comment on other blogs, i have to type in those codes. and i don't know if there is a setting for that or if it is just automatic. thanks in advance. :-)


  1. I just discovered your site through pinterest. I'm enjoying browsing through your past posts. You ask about the comment settings with the distorted's a setting your can choose in your blogger dashboard. Go to your blogger 'design', click settings, click 'posts & comments', in comment location choose 'embedded' in the drop down menu so it avoids the extra pop up comment option. Then skip down to 'word verification' and choose 'no'. That will eliminate that annoying match letters step.

    Supposedly it's supposed to reduce spam, but I don't have a verification and have yet to see any spam. Good luck!

  2. BTW, you do have a verification when I leave a comment. I'd love to not have that!

  3. thank you for letting me know. i will have to ponder whether or not i take the verification process off. unfortunately, i know of too many people who have had to terminate their blogs because of spamming. so....i'm leaning towards leaving it on. i know it is a chore. but with three + years of daily blogging, i don't want to have to start over....
    thank you again for letting me know.