Sunday, February 19, 2012

stacey's dragon

i'm putting a few non-ccc envelopes in here and there because...i love writing new names, but, i also miss writing names that i have written a lot. i can't stress enough that it can be a very good thing to write one name a hundred different ways. it may seem impossible. but, trust me, if you do, you will come up with a lot of ideas. i am not musical, but, i suspect that the musicians will say they learn a lot by playing their favorite music over and over.

any musicians out there who can comment on the value of playing the same favorite piece many times?

stacey's address is going to go, stacked, over to the left of the S. not sure what color,


  1. <>

    Oh absolutely . . .

    I often play around with pieces - especially my own compositions -
    altering tempo, rhythm, & timing. In addition, different guitars lead to
    different ideas - nylon string vs steel string; acoustic vs electric
    (think pen/pencil/marker/crayon).

    In the classical realm there are countless pieces called "Theme and
    Variations" which are exactly what you are talking about.

    And jazz - that is what jazz is - taking a chord progression (the
    letters) and improvising on them. A good jazz player will never play the
    same piece twice; there will be certain riffs (flowers, stars,
    squiggles) but the overall piece is always different.

    - Jean's brother, the guitarist

  2. i re-posted the above comment which came from my brother, in a regular email