Saturday, February 11, 2012

nancy - hb - red

happy birthday to nancy. i know someone whose birthday is jan 11th, nancy's is february 11. i hope someone will post a comment and tell me that their birthday is march 11.

this envelopes is a boo-boo from a recent job. i have never been hired to address valentines before. this person had a list of 145 addresses. i spelled a name wrong on the top line, so i scribbled through it. then i wrote nancy's name a bunch more. and the white gel pens were on the verge of running out. so, it is not a spectacular envelope, but it was fun to do. no, nancy did not move to eldon, iowa. that is the town where the house that is in the painting *american gothic* is still standing and there is someone living in it. you can visit it and take your picture out front with a pitchfork.

now, i must go check and see if nancy's last name has an s, or no s. my memory is foggy at best. happy birthday, nancy...:-)

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