Friday, February 10, 2012

lesson in multiples

this might show why you need to do several versions. i knew the one i sent yesterday had a dreadful crossbar on the t. it was thin in the middle and it should have been thick. this morning i found the bottom envelope ont he right which had been a reject yesterday because the S is tilted back. i thought i would try that style S again and did the top one. i did not outline it, i just added the notch on the ends of the ribbons. on the one yesterday, the notches were too deep. i still don't like the top half of the S. that made me think the one that is tipped back is better. then i wondered what it would look like to fill up the space with ribbons, more like the stamp. so, thinking i would just throw it away, i tried it on the bottom one and i liked it enough to share it with you. but not enough to put a stamp on it. the top one, i will send. how funny would it be if i sent 20 envelopes to stacey. i would, except that i am engrossed in my ccc project. i am pretty much booked on the blog for the next three months. yikes.

anyhow, the point of this was that you should try writing the same name a few different ways. you can't count on your first attempt being the best one.

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