Wednesday, February 22, 2012


i think i will be addressing a set of envelopes like this. i am testing the different ways to fill all the space. it is fun although a bit challenging. this is walnut ink on a nice william arthur envelope.
we will get back to the ccc envelopes very soon.


  1. OMG I just found you. How cool. I found you through your comments on Mark Hill's blog. I am so following you. Your work is lovely and I'd love to exchange an envelop with you.

    Do you enter the Graceful Envelope Contest? I'm working on something - how about you?

  2. hi marsha...i will be happy to exchange an envelope with you. if you look over to the right, in the list of labels, there is one called [graceful envelope - 12] so, i have my entries posted. just click on the label and they should all pop up. i had quite a few accepted and way-back-when, i think it was the second year, i had two accepted in one year. then they changed the rules to only one entry allowed. i don't have time to enter anymore. or, i should say, i don't make time.... but i always enjoy looking at them and i should post a reminder to everyone who follows this blog, to check it out. thanks for posting. my address is 430 - 44th street, des moines, iowa 50312.