Wednesday, February 8, 2012

ccc jill

this name is a good example of looking at the letters and finding elements to repeat. it is a little bit symmetrical with one pair of l's in each name and also one descender in each name. i like these stamps with the name. although, the lettering is a little too wonky. i made this one in my very first batch of ccc envelopes and have been ambivalent about posting it. it needs work....but it is not a complete dud.

oh, i remember, the very first batch was done without any pencil lines at all and that is what bothers me about it. i'd be OK with the waves if the strokes started and stopped on straight lines.

hi, mimi. i saw your comment on an older post. glad you are thinking about some lettering :-)

and this just in....postage stamps in england that feature illustrations by quentin blake from roald dahl books.

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