Monday, February 20, 2012

collaboration - magnolia

one last envelope from the collaboration series that was left in line. i am sticking it in here because when i opened the one below, this morning, it bothered me. i might try to fix it and then delete the older version.

one of my favorites from kathy and one of my favorite stamps. i like how the letters are a little bit like ribbon but only slightly. note to self: steal these letters.

the idea behind address placement was using the crossbar of the E as a secret line and running something on either end at that level. then, adding the last line, the width of the stamp, directly under the stamp. again, everything is gridded out, but you don't really see the grid.

the subject matter of the stamp is all very condensed and packed in, so the airy lettering was a nice counterpoint and i added to that by keeping the placement of the address open and airy.

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