Thursday, February 9, 2012

bonus post

stacey sent me the new love stamps
i had to write a thank you. i used a dry zig marker, then outlined it and added the little parallel lines on the ribbon. the actual forms of the letters are way off, but, i don't mind it as, it would be hard to make ribbons act like a line of ink. the flourish shapes are a little goofy, but, again, if you want it to look like ribbon, it can't follow all the rules of a line of ink. it would be better to be an illustrator. someone like jessica hische (not sure of that spelling) has some spectacular lettering that looks like ribbons. check out her website.

oh, duh.  i just googled jessica hische to put in a link to her website and she designed this stamp.
so, here is her website:


  1. I really like the ribbon letters. I'll have to get some of the new LOVE stamps. I didn't know it was out.
    Thanks for the bonus post!

  2. i don't know if the stamps are available at the p.o. i saw somewhere that they were not releasing them until feb 14. but, i don't know. these came in the mail, ordered through if it is true that you can get stamps earlier by mail, than at the p.o., that would be a compelling reason to order more stamps online. plus, each page of stamps comes in a pkg with a nice piece of chip board or whatever you call that tablet backing. you can cut in in half and have two nice postcards.

  3. You should send this to Jessica Hiche who designed the love stamp. I think she'd be pleased.