Friday, February 17, 2012

from elizabeth

i covered up her return address. this is a fun stamp with a quill. and she did it during a blizzard. the inside has a couple mistakes and then some very cute comments about making mistakes. i'm glad she went ahead and mailed the mistakes. she attributed one of the mistakes to concentrating on the letterforms. i know that happens to me all the time....

beth lee has this to say on her blog:
The two you see here are — obviously — the remains of a couple of errors. I shouldn’t say “obviously”. You, my readers, may be calligraphers, in which case you most likely looked more carefully at the letter forms than the actual words, a tendency which non-calligrapher friends and spouses find humorous.

there are more envelopes on her blog. she is talking about looking at the letterforms...after the fact. but, i imagine some of her errors happen when she is thinking about the letterforms as she is addressing.

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