Thursday, February 23, 2012

mimi south dakota

i had zee-row expectations for this green sharpie to look good on the aqua envelope. now i am sad that i do not have 200 envelopes in this color. instead i have 200 envelopes in cobalt and i can't find anything i like on the cobalt. bah-humbug. is that only a seasonal complaint/ or can one *bah-humbug* at any time of the year?

her street is actually pretty long, so it will start over by the j which will improve the layout.

tomorrow starts a string of ccc envelopes. warning, some experimental clunkers will appear, but when i get to the workshop, i will show how to fix clunkers. maybe we can do a live web-inar of the workshop so that y'all can join us....what a good we just need a camera crew and an internet guru.

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