Tuesday, January 4, 2011


well, stacey, i thought if i kept scribbling enough, this one would come around, but, nope...there is a point at which an envelope needs to retire to the bottom of a bird cage. let me know when you get a bird, stacey, and i will send this along


  1. Wow, I find this one fascinating, in a Tim Burton sort of way. It is dark. ould be a Valentine from Charles Beaudelaire.

  2. i am honored that this one conjured up a tim burton reference. i love his work. he can put such a sweet spin on *dark.* most of my work is simplistic and happy. so it might be interesting to explore some darker designs. the tiny little flourishes were mesmerizing to do.

    a long time ago, i wanted to do some spin offs of the p.buckley moss artwork. sweet little children that looked a little amish, but up close, they were actually little punk children.

  3. When I first saw it I thought you'd taken up Zentangle... a doodle art that I love... Love your art, too. Have you tried the making the cards that go in the envelopes? I'll have to investigate your site.

  4. Now i really like it... and i have no chance of getting a bird! (have 2 cats!). It is so organic and like the top/bottom mirror effect.

    hold onto it!