Monday, January 3, 2011

my mail

i pre-posted a lot of envelopes over the past month, so i am going to extend the holiday season and post envelopes that i received last month. A+++ to eduardo for sending me some mail. eduardo says he likes the blog and finds it to be inspirational. clearly, he is skulking about finding inspiration elsewhere. there have not been any paper clip inspired envelopes on my blog. but, you can be sure, there will be more.


  1. This alphabet came after the paleographic work I did on some 12th to 14th century Spanish diplomatic handwriting. I think those old courtly alphabets look like made out of wire; hence, the inspiration for my "paper-clip" alphabet.

    Here is the entire alphabet. It looks better when it is written with a maker rather than a pen as I did in my embarrassingly amateurish envelope to Jean; but hey!, I'm pushing the envelopes as well.

  2. wow..thank you for the additional info. you are clearly a very serious scholar. don't be dismissing your work as amateurish... it is called *his early work*....i'll try to find some of my earliest work, and you'll see that practice yields improvement.