Saturday, January 15, 2011

sandy 22

love this stamp.


  1. Postal factoid:
    First class postage was 20 cents between November 1, 1981 and February 17, 1985. After that, it rose to 22 cents. This envelope is so beautiful, and it matches the color and style of the stamp perfectly, but I can't help wondering about the envelope that originally accompanied this stamp. Was the original letter from someone, now long forgotten? Or did you get a big box of stamps from a thoughtful friend who felt certain that you collected stamps? Even if there is no story here, I feel as though there could be one. . .

  2. i can draw much better birds than those....wish i had taken the extra 30 seconds to do them right. but, i do like the way the writing looks like the path of bird flight (at least to me it does)