Thursday, January 27, 2011


i was talking to beth on the phone and doodled this flower
then, i used up the pad of paper
so i glued the flower to the tablet back. now it is a postcard
but considering she will see this before i mail it...i wonder what i should even say on the back? her address will go below the line. sadly, she did not choose a nice little address like 420 east ohio (my all time favorite address...that i use on a lot of mail) i wonder if i hold the world record for producing the largest amount of fake mail..and i am not even done...


  1. Oh-oh I thought your mail was all real.

    Seeing the shaky stems of your design, I wanted to ask your opinion on shaky hands: I've been going through the "Palmer Method of Business Writing" and its drills to develop "muscular action", but my hands are so shaky when making those lines and ovals that make me wonder. Should I persist?

  2. the stems are actually wavy, which is a little different from shaky in that they are symmetrical. i'll have to make a sample that shows the difference....maybe now i will get my thank you card in the mail to you:-)

    most people are shaky when they start and eventually, things smooth out. the only people i have taught who are beyond loosing the shakes are those who are in the 70's and the shakes are a symptom of their age.

    you are still young enough to glide into gracefulness. think of dancing. if you were to learn a new style of dancing, it would be *shaky* or not-smooth at first, but eventually it would come. unless you had two left feet. maybe we should coin a phrase for people who fail at penmanship....well, she had two left hands.

    and those drills are very helpful. there are also cross drills that are done in the Spencerian method which I like even better than the Palmer drills. i'll look for a link that shows what they look like. at least with the Spencerian drills, you can create something useful. palmer drills aren't very pretty after they are done.

  3. technically, the mail is real. it exists. but a lot of it does not actually go through the mail. it all goes together in one package. i have this thing about making 50 or 60 envelopes for friends who are turning 50 or 60 and while i love my friends and am willing to spend time on them, i am unwilling to spend $26.40 on postage. i know that seems cheap. but, i don't think they really care if the envelopes come one at a time...or in a larger package, as a group.

    the envelopes stay cleaner, too, when they arrive in a package. and i really like the book i made for sandy. i think it's more fun to look at...but there were no cards in it.