Sunday, January 16, 2011

sandy series details

below is the sunday post which reminds viewers that the sandy series is a set of 50 envelopes that i never intended to mail. so, i used a few current stamps as well as some old stamps. and then, i used some stamps that were peeled off of old mail. at the stamp collecting store, they have old used stamps for a penny apiece. i used to buy them and use them in classes so students could practice taking the design principles off a stamp and pulling the colors and themes into their lettering.

hopefully, today i will take a picture of the sandy set of envelopes which are compiled into a book. i showed it to sandy on her 50th birthday and then asked to borrow the book so that i could get scans of all the envelopes. i believe sandy is turning 60 this year, so i am hoping to actually get them all scanned and turn the book over to her. the question is, should i do 10 more ???

if you are just seeing this post this morning, the following post is also a new post.


  1. Thanks Jean for this post. A great mistery solved!
    I plan to pull out my old stamp collection and begin to "lift" their designs.

  2. and i will try to post more comments on which things i was lifting. i know i have posted a couple times that obviously, you lift the colors, but it is also cool to use a minor color as the major color on the name. and the major color on the stamp as minor color in the address.