Wednesday, January 12, 2011

my mail

the person who sent this wrote several comments on the back. she was not that thrilled with the way it turned out. i think it is just fine. she did not like the red. honestly, it does not bother me at all. i think sometimes we just don't like the things we do and don't really have a reason. i go through times when nothing i do pleases me. when that happens, it is a good idea to dig out old stuff that does please me. just seeing something that i did once upon a time helps me remember that most people do not turn out gem after gem. i think if you settle into a formula that works, then, yes, you can keep turning out that formula. but, the trouble with that, gets boring. so, we start playing around with new ideas. some of them are clunkers. but, eventually, we stumble on to something we like. i don't think there is any way to avoid the ups and down of exploring uncharted territory. maybe somebody else can rewrite this pp and make it more coherent. i know what i am trying to say....any mind readers out there? or editors?


  1. ... or maybe we need to think about this old Russian saying: "The first pancake always turns out lumpy." A good inspiration for learning and professional development.

  2. can be frustrating when teaching and a student is so discouraged with their first page of writing. i need to show them more of my early work. sometimes i do bring in the practice pages from my first class. it's a pretty thick notebook full of pages, so it does illustrate that nice lettering takes time. just like practicing a musical instrument or dancing or sports.
    thanks for the comment, *booklore*