Sunday, January 16, 2011

sandy's book - bird's eye view

from the top, you can see the construction. it is pretty simple. i used a lot of double face sticky paper. i do not recall the brand, but it is used for dry mounting, it's really strong.
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  1. I'm intrigued. It looks like the binding is from the left side of the envelope. Do the flaps of the envlopes hang free? Which is to say, are there cards inside the envelopes and are they accessible in this book form?

  2. yes the binding is on the left. i probably sealed the envelopes. there are no cards inside. the envelopes just act as *pages*. you could make this a book with cards that you pull out, but, i would only recommend that if you had 10 or fewer envelopes. with a big chunky book like this, you really only want to turn the pages. someday, i will get a video camera and do how-to videos... :-)