Thursday, January 13, 2011


this is not an envelope, but, i was scheduling posts and did not realize that i was out of scans, and it is such a hassle to get this far into a post and not have a picture.....besides, i love the story that goes with this. the cutest groom called me and wanted a message custom lettered for his gift to his bride. he had the words and i asked which flowers they were using. he said calla lilies and red roses. so, i put some calla lilies down the side and then wrote the words. he oked the layout and then wondered....if i could maybe put in a penguin somewhere. the bride loves penguins and when he proposed, he arranged for the two of them to go to the zoo and feed the penguins...and at some point he proposed. how could i not put a penguin into the piece? i made it really small....and carrying the red roses. i really loved the way it turned out. when he picked it up...he was so happy. he said she was a graphic designer and he noticed that she had trouble finishing projects. he thought she would be impressed that he was able to come up with a custom art idea and get it done. so...that's my story for the day. tomorrow we will be back to envelopes. now that i look at it...those feet are too big and they look like flippers...but this was the practice one, i hope i made the feet smaller on the final. i always forget to take a picture of final artwork....

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