Saturday, January 8, 2011

holiday mail

this one must have come in 2009. i was impressed with how the albuquerque po has such a splendid cancel marker. i've never seen anything like it. i slipped the card into the scanner, too. it is beautiful. subtle and soft. not sure how it will look on the blog. i enjoy popping open the blog every morning to see what's on it. i schedule these posts a week or two ahead of time, so by the time they pop up, time has passed and i do not recall what is coming.


  1. Beautiful - the lettering and the postal markings are so harmonious. Love the design!!

  2. Hey Jean.- Thanks to the magnifying glass, I see a process here. Is it a trick of the trade to first pencil in the letters and then go back with the color marker?

  3. yes... penciling in some guidelines is always helpful. thanks for mentioning this. I'll do a longer post, so everybody sees the comments. i don't think everybody checks back and watches the comments.