Wednesday, January 13, 2021

From CathyO in Sept (art videos)

LOL. I'm not sure I want to agree with that. I can imagine some things that we do not want to become real. That's the covid anxiety talking. I started having bad dreams about covid situations. My life is only slightly discombobulated. So, I can only imagine what it has been like for people who are having a really rough time.

These two look like they were done with a ruling writer or folded pen. As I recall, CathyO has taken an online workshop. This style looks great with the Ruth Asawa stamps

I've been reading a book, How the Post Office Created America -- and I am thoroughly enjoying it although not recommending it unless you are a history or post office nerd. I've been putting my own book report together - with the highlights - that will appear in  Feb or March - but I'm going to mention the book now because in addition to the book, the BigHelpfulBrother sent me a link to an hour long video that has a ton of information about some American artists. The title calls these artists underrated, but, if you studied art history, they are all mentioned, so I would not call them underrated. But they are not household names. How many artists are household names. Other than Andy Warhol and Grant Wood - which American artists come to mind?

The video BHB sent covers several artists - but has quite a bit on those who painted the murals in post offices and it also recommends the book I just mentioned. I haven't watched any of the other videos so I have no idea if they are any good. Seems like a lot of videos for one person to produce. 

If anyone wants to send me names of other American artists who are household names, I'd be curious to know which names popped into your heads. Alexander Calder. Claus Oldenburg. 


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  1. Setting aside calligraphers, because...And some subculture-centered artists like James C. Christensen. But Chihuly came to mind immediately.