Saturday, August 1, 2020

August Exchange Sign-up

It's time to sign up for the August exchange.
Sign-up by August 4th and the lists will be sent on Aug 5th (or 6th at the latest)

Please send your info - in the following format. 
It is so helpful when I can copy and paste, rather than reformat your information, or find your email.

Add (CARDS) after your name if you wish to exchange handmade cards.
Add (Birthday) at the bottom, if August is your birthday month.
Add (2 Lists) at the bottom, if you are willing to be on 2 lists - if I need to add people to make the lists come out even.

Jane Smith (CARDS)
123 Oak Street
Ames, Iowa 50010
(Birthday) (2 Lists)

Send the above info to me at:

Additional information about how the exchange works is on the tab that says *envelope EXCHANGE rules*
Or if you have questions - just email.

I am writing this entire post at 5pm on July 31.
Something made me check to see which envelope I had used on the sign up -- and WHAT????
there was no post scheduled for Aug 1st.
How did that happen?
I dunno --
Sure glad I checked.
The envelope is to my Uncle Bob whose birthday was in July.
Those Celebrate stamps are pretty versatile.

There is something cringe-worthy on the lettering.
Can anyone spot it?


  1. I'm a sucker for these 'spot the mistake' type games. Are you miffed by the mismatching E's in BENES?! It really doesn't jump out at the viewer. Looks great!
    If it's something else that you find 'cringe-worthy', then I can't see it.

    1. Good guess -- but I actually made the two Es different on purpose. Then I noticed something else I don't like. The B in Benes is different. The vertical stroke does not extend past the top and bottom like the two Bs in Bob. So that bugs me. It could have been fixed. What really bothers me are the clunky drop shadows on the O -- I should have been more careful.

  2. It's lively and fun, and it's the overall impression that counts.
    Sometimes, months after the work was done, I look through my reject pile and I can no longer see why the piece was rejected! Makes me laugh at myself.

  3. I too, think it's fun! The only thing that stood out to me (and this is only b/c it happens to ME) is the circles below the N -- I didn't know if that might bug you as when i sometimes place a circle above a letter, it looks like a i. I like it. (As you would say, "Steal-worthy"!