Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Cactus from Grace - Birthday to Grace

This one from Grace will be run again in December.

For those of you who do not exchange, -empty- written on the back means that the envelope is empty. My exchanges are *envelope* exchanges. A lot of us are not chatty and do not want the pressure of having to write a note inside. I do write a few - but when I am running out of time, it is nice to know that people are just as happy getting the envelope. Obviously, if you need to hear from me....you can just read the blog every. dang. day.

and the front looked like this:

I like that border around the stamp. The lavender rectangle and triangle is actually paper, collaged onto the gray envelope. The cactus and my name are also collaged on top. It looks like she cut out the wagon wheel by hand. That is above and beyond.

Sometimes I feel guilty that people spend more time on the mail that comes to me than what I spend on the mail I send to them. But, If you factor in the amount of time I spend blogging, it's probably a fair trade.

Below are two envelopes that did not take that much time and I really struggled with sending them because I thought they needed something else. In the end, I added some pink colored pencil, but did not have time to re--scan them. I do like the idea of putting a message along one side of the envelope. The addresses went below the names in black or gray ink.

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