Thursday, June 8, 2017

Mail Art Exhibit - Canada

This is from the April Exchange and I was surprised that it made it through the PO machinery so well because the ribbons are actual 3D ribbons. Maybe it did not go through the machinery since it has a sticker rather than stamps. Great idea for a birthday card. It is from Amy B. The tracking number is a bit distracting.... maybe I can peel it off carefully.

I like to send in envelopes to people who are having mail art exhibits and I especially like to send when it is a kid organizing the exhibit. Here is an opportunity to support a third grader's project. If you have time - drop something in the mail.

Canadian Mail Art Exhibit

Here are the details from the Facebook page:

This year, Canada is celebrating its 150th birthday. We asking artists or anyone out there to create & submit a small postcard sized piece of mail art. “Canada – Celebrating 150 Years Mail Art Exhibit” will run in conjunction with the Ninth Annual Art Among Friends Exhibition – September 30th & October 1st, 2017. The exhibit is being organized by Grade 8 student Dakota Brann, whose older sister has ran 3 other successful Mail Art Exhibits over the years at Art Among Friends. The event will be held at Laurentian Lodge, just 25 minutes north of Elliot Lake.

What is Mail Art? The simplest definition of mail art is that it is any art that’s created with the intention of sending it through the mail. Mail art can include postcards, faux postage, decorated envelopes, friendship books, etc. But you have to mail it to complete the creative experience, it’s mail art! The received mail art is collected from around the world and displayed in an exhibition.

There will be no jury, fees and no returns of artwork! – All received pieces of artwork will be displayed and viewed by the approximately 1,200 visitors during the Art Among Friends weekend. Everyone is invited to submit your artwork…no matter your artistic skill. Teachers out there – Classroom submissions are very welcome too. This mail art project is all about having fun. No one will be judged. The theme is Canada, so let your imagination go wild and have fun creating something awesome.

To Take Part in the Exhibition:

• Artwork submitted should be postcard sized (approximately 4 inches X 6 inches)
• Artwork can be a postcard/illustrated envelope, short poem or story etc. but must stamped and mailed through the postal system.
• All submitted pieces will be viewed by all ages , so it must be in good taste.
• Deadline for submissions will be September 27th, 2017
• Submissions are to be mailed to: Canada – Celebrating 150 Years Mail Art Exhibit, c/o Dakota Brann, 69 Central Avenue, Elliot Lake, Ontario, Canada, P5A 2G3.

Please print your name, city & country on the back of the postcard also.

Thanking You
Dakota Brann

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