Monday, June 19, 2017

Green Akim - Apr Exchange

 Back in early April, I posted an apology to the people who were to receive these envelopes. I was under a time crunch and none of my ideas were working out. I love Akim and hope to post a tutorial some day. If you Google it or search Pinterest you can find quite a few examples.

Phillip has his address posted on his own blog, so I assume it is OK to post this. The others have the addresses somewhat blotted out.
Hopefully you can see the fun and variety that is available with this style.

I wonder if the PO was annoyed by theses?


  1. Akim is a fun alphabet. Marji taught it in a workshop at our guild's Spring clinic. I'll have to dig out the exemplar and play with it.

  2. I thought this looked so cool. Loved the 'u m' together.

  3. I am enjoying them! Love this blog!