Thursday, June 29, 2017

FPMB 8 and 9 - to Grace and Chuck

I thought I was done with that sheet of stamps, but I forgot that the portrait of Oscar was its own stamp. As luck would have it, I had just discovered how much I liked the gray marker.

So - these two are favorites from the whole series.

Chuck's envelope was the last one to do for the exchange, so I had to dig into the stash and find something that looked good with gray.


As you may recall, there was one more after this one. I posted it the day that I did these as a bonus post because I was so excited by this series and couldn't wait to share it. Now, I have to wait and see if anyone else likes the idea. I love it and have so many more variations I would like to try.

Mostly, I wonder how much it annoys the postal workers. I'm truly sorry for adding to your stress. Especially after seeing what happens sometimes.

My last trip to the PO was terrifying. A man was having a problem getting his mail and he launched into a tirade that I'd have to say was the most intense public tirade I have seen since the episode at the Toronto airport customs - and none of that was in English, so it is hard to compare. Sadly, it actually flashed through my head- at the DSM post office...what if he has a gun. I pretended to be needing some priority boxes over in the corner until he decided to leave. How ironic would it be for me to be gunned down at a PO? I bet it would make all my envelopes a lot more valuable. See - there's an upside to everything, eh?


  1. Sorry. Can't comment right now. Laughing too hard when it might be inappropriate. Be back later.

  2. Oh Jean . . . . I'm sitting here shaking my head and chuckling. It's sad that we live in a world where people feel they can treat other people that way. But leave it to you to find a silver lining.
    I like this series of envelopes. And I like the gray marker also. Is it a Faber Castell Big Brush?
    One of our former mail person's enjoyed the mail I received. I would think it would be a nice change from printed address labels.

  3. Just noticed you're nearing 800,000 page views. Congrats!