Thursday, June 15, 2017

BHB Birthday Envelopes

The BHB liked these stamps, especially the bat. It has little feet that are wrapped over the top of the envelope.

Top from Kathy S, bottom from Tina, a penpal in England. We hope she sticks with the exchanges because England has some fabulous stamps.

Below the bat, two more - top from Faye and bottom from Phillip. More fine stamps. We always like the vintage stamps and the national park stamps are very nice.


  1. Really pleased your brother liked the Bat stamp - I had NO IDEA that we had lots of stamps until I got this set ....... it may become an addiction (I really don't need another)

    1. There are many kindred spirits here on the blog. Some of us rationalize the stamp addiction by noting that they are very affordable pieces of art. Plus, they are useful. And when you have too many, you can use them to brighten a friend's day. Everyone enjoys receiving mail.