Monday, June 5, 2017

Feb Exch from Maggie and Jannie

Abundance of cuteness from Maggie (top) and Jannie.

Tomorrow I will continue with my rave about cute stuff. Today we will just grin from ear to ear.

Valentines bring out a lot of cute. Halloween and Valentine's Day are two holidays which are loosely based on some Christian stuff (St. Valentine and All Saint's something) but mostly they are an excuse to eat candy. And sell stuff that is as far removed from necessity as possible.

So why are they so popular? Because we simply need a break from routine? For me - every day is like a holiday because at any given moment, I can take a holiday break and do something entirely un-necessary. Make an envelope. Or just write stuff on paper.

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  1. As enthusiastic as I am about snail mail, I find that I dislike feeling "obligated" to send something. I much prefer random "just because" cards/letters. People are often surprised that I rarely send out Christmas cards...